The stillness of this room's speaking so much louder than you now...

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So. Helene. 24. French law student. Lille, North. English is (absolutely XD) not my first language so be kind with me. If not ... well i don't care : try french! :P
I love travels, especially in India, China, Australia. But for me, the most beautiful town in the entire world is Roma. Amazing contrast betwenn past & present. I love my friends, the ones who are always there when i need them & most of all when i don't need them. I love animals, i stopped horse riding due to a lack of time but i do miss them. I love create & talk about many things. Serious subject like human rights ou politics & many more subject more superficial. I laugh & smile everytime i can. & i hate to talk about me. So you have be warned. =)